HERIT DATA is an Interreg MED project led by Regione Toscana which aims to reduce the impact of tourism activities on cultural heritage, by taking advantage of technology and data exploitation. The project focuses especially on old towns and sites of particular archaeological and cultural interest, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Within the HERIT DATA project, among other tasks, the CPMR-IMC together with the Occitanie Region, as coordinator of the capitalisation activities, will jointly prepare a model and success stories to mainstream and showcase the transferrable outputs and methods developed and a Memorandum of Understanding to mainstream results and reach EU level audience, to create positive impacts in other regional, national and macro-regional policies, plans and strategies towards sustainable tourism development and smart destinations. To carry out these and other parallel activities, the CPMR-IMC is currently in the process of identifying an expert to provide support in the implementation of these tasks (further specifications on the assignment, are included in the ToRs).

To apply the offer must be sent in one file on PDF format to the following e-mail addresses: flora.leroy@crpm.org, and lise.guennal@crpm.org with the following subject: ‘Consultancy offer for technical assistance – HERIT DATA ” by 23.59 of 9th May. The successful candidate will be notified on Thursday 13h May 2021.

The contract shall enter into force once it has been signed (in May 2021) and will last until 31 January 2022.