“Blue Economy: The Blue Way of Life”

InnoBlueGrowth organizes the Blue Growth mid-term conference to gather and to encourage the Mediterranean business community in support of the “Blue Economy: The Blue Way of Life”

Barcelona – The InnoBlueGrowth project, driving the Blue Growth Community, organizes its transnational Mid-Term Conference “Blue Economy: The Blue Way of Life”, which will gather experts and key players from the Mediterranean region. The event will take place on November 22nd-23rd 2018, in Barcelona, Spain.
The Conference’s purpose is to reflect on the sustainable dimension of Blue Growth, whether it will be in terms of development, mitigation of issues, planning, or governance. The sessions aim to put into perspective the results of all Blue Growth thematic projects for a general peer reviewing from all participants and discuss about the Blue Economy. In addition, it will be the occasion to present Blue Growth projects including updates about their main activities, goals and services, providing information on development and opportunities to all Blue Growth Community.
In this sense, InnoBlueGrowth coordinates the Conference’s Agenda in order to discuss topics such as: Public Engagement and Awareness, Market Development, Sustainability, and Clusters in the blue growth context, involving the modular and integrated projects: iBlue, Maestrale, Pelagos, Proteus, 4Helix+ and Mistral.
The Mid-Term event will take place in the framework of the MedaWeek 2018, an event organized by the Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME). This event will give to the Blue Growth Community’s mid-term conference a strong added-value and a high visibility across various media channels, including social media. It intends to draw attention to opinion leaders and decision-makers, institutional bodies, funding entities, experts and researchers, in order to promote a favorable environment for networking and create synergies among the projects but also among all the participants.
This mid-term conference is a milestone for the Blue Growth Community and InnoBlueGrowth, which main objective is to build a real community of projects dealing with Blue Growth. This innovative Blue Growth community allows the reinforcement of the cross-cutting and integrated dynamics between projects and transnational key stakeholders. These dynamics are an indispensable condition to support Mediterranean clusters in their transnational activities processes in order to foster market development in areas so far not fully developed or needing further stimulation. Moreover, InnoBlueGrowth enhances the dissemination and transferability of projects results, consequently ensuring a wider and deeper impact towards external multilevel stakeholders, contributing to the sustainable socio-economic development of the Mediterranean area through innovative investments in the Blue economy.

The InnoBlueGrowth Project counts with a €1,47 million funding (of which €1,25M of EU co-funding) in the framework of the transnational cooperation programme Interreg Med.

For more information, please contact innobluegrowth@gmail.com