Community4Nature (Interreg Euro MED Programme).


C4Nature aims to achieve coordination -among different levels- of knowledge, best practices & policies to approach the challenges of biodiversity protection and climate change mitigation/adaptation. It enhances the coordination between multi-level stakeholders such as public authorities, sectoral agencies, schools, academic & research centers, NGOs, etc. in the Med area.

C4Nature will establish a Community of Practice and deliver an Adaptive Resource recipient, a Methodology for assessing the potential of available community “resources”, a set of training programmes, a portfolio of services embedded in the Community Amplification Room including a Mentorship programme addressed to specific target groups.


National Inter-University Consortium for Marine Sciences – CoNISMa LP

National Technical University of Athens

National Agency of Natural Resources

Research Centre for Ecology and Forestry Applications

National Institute of Biology

Association of Parks in Bulgaria


Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment

French Biodiversity Office


Project Budget: 4.375.499,90

Interreg funds: 3.500.399,92


Project Duration: 81 months

Start of project: 01/01/2023

End of project: 30/09/2029


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